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The Next Generation of Government Payments

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Haploos is the leading Virtual Card solution for governments and government agencies that captures cash back on all your Accounts Payable. Just like the credit cards in your wallet.

What is a Virtual Card?

Haploos Virtual Cards are single-use, pre-funded credit cards. We deliver them electronically each time you pay an invoice. Virtual Cards can only be used for the amount of the invoice. Unlike checks or ACH payments, Virtual Cards are insured by Mastercard, giving you peace of mind along with speed and efficiency.

Virtual Cards are ideal for government purchases. At the federal, state and local level, preventing fraud is top of mind. Accounting and security can be complex and highly regulated. Our experience serving government clients means our software already integrates well with your processes and anticipates your specific needs.

Get Cash Back

Each payment you send out could be earning you monthly rebates. Because your payments are delivered through the MasterCard network, we are able to provide a money-back rebate, similar to the way a consumer gets cash back on a credit card.

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Kill Fraud

By paying with a Haploos Virtual Card, all participants are digitally “unmasked”. Using our patent-pending, proprietary virtual card integration API all passive fraud is eliminated, and active fraud is significantly easier to identify.

Eliminate Cost in Every Transaction

By paying electronically, you free up time and money for more important uses thanks to automatic reconciliation and reduced printing and postage costs. The traditional invoice and paper check method costs $31 per payment. With a virtual card, that cost drops to $9, yielding a $22 savings on each transaction.

Save money

Automate Reconciliation

By paying electronically, you can track payments, reconcile automatically and gain in-depth insight into your expenses and revenue flow. Eliminating paper checks also means a dramatic reduction in fraud risk and that puts you back in control.

Make a Difference

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3 decisions to making a difference

Making a difference doesn’t happen by luck.

Every person who makes a difference makes these 3 simple decisions. 

Decide to BE different

To make a difference, you have to BE different. Following the same path everyone else follows will get the same results everyone else is getting. Status Quo. 

Be different
build different

Decide to BUILD different

To be different you have to BUILD different. The desire to be different is not enough, you have to have the right plan and tools that allow you to BUILD something different.

Decide to Lead and Never Give Up

Only the few make a difference. Making a difference requires you to lead and preserver. 


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